While we may be experiencing some amazing weather for January, it's totally giving me summer envy. Getting summer vibes is important to get through these tough cold winter months. It's usually music that gets me through that seasonal depression that everyone seems to experience.

Another international DJ and producer has come to bat with the perfect summer vibes. Now there is very little information about DJ Regard, but all I can say is this song makes me happy.  It'll be on my workout playlist for sure.

Now fair warning, this song may get stuck in your head as it's super catchy. It actually came out in the summer of 2019. I think it may have the potential to be our summer song for 2020. Hey, it's happened before.

If you didn't catch when I played it on Fun 107, take a listen:

What did you think? Chill summer vibes, right, maybe cruising down the avenue, or hitting up Newport beach?

Do you think we should add it to the Fun 107 playlist? After all, while we may be experiencing these nicer days along the SouthCoast, we still have a few months left to get in those bitter cold days.

Get to voting now on whether this song is wicked good or totally whack. Then put on some sunscreen and sandals.

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