Ever have one of those days where everything and everyone on the road gets on your nerves? I'm having one of those days, so excuse me as I digress and get this off my chest.

The amount of carelessness behind the wheel is both terrifying and frustrating. Just my daily commute through New Bedford is a live-action version of Mario Kart. Between the potholes and the distracted drivers, I'm shocked the total amount of accidents hasn't doubled over the years. It's almost as if the city forgot everything they learned in driver's ed class.

I apologize for being a "negative Nancy", but someone has to speak up.

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In the past 96 days, which is just this year alone, I've encountered at least four instances where someone wasn't paying attention on Route 18 and almost collided with me. That's an average of once a month too many for my liking.

If you're traveling southbound on Route 18 between Coggeshall Street and Logan Street, there's an onramp that dumps out cars from 195 East. This ramp has caused nothing but stress and the violators who fail to merge each time never seem to have a care in the world. These vehicles slingshot themselves onto Route 18 without even looking to see if anyone else is coming.

Before you give me the "it's impossible to merge, it's a blindspot" spiel, I'm calling your bluff. I merged onto Route 18 carefully and cautiously with no problems and full visibility of oncoming cars.

Save your bologna and middle finger for someone else, because I'm fed up with the irresponsibility of today's drivers.


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