I knew I was a hardcore fan, but clearly his family knew he was a bigger fan than I'll ever be.

According to SBNation, Rendard Matthews' life ended way too soon after a shooting on June 26th. He was a huge Celtics and NBA fan. It's not uncommon for a big sports fan to be buried in, or have a wake based on their fandom. Renard's family took this to the absolute max.

Instead of having a casket at the wake, his family had a... unique set up. They set him up in front of a TV with a video game controller. The game he was playing was NBA2K. A simulated game was on the TV (Warriors vs. Celtics), according to the report. Matthews was wearing a Kyrie Irving jersey and a pair of sunglasses. They even set up some snacks on a table next to him.

I'd say it was all really weird and strange, but I'm actually kind of impressed. I think I have some new requests for whenever my time comes! #GoCeltics


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