Fall River's Vanson Leathers Annual Spring Open House has a lot going on this weekend- including the world famous WALL OF DEATH.Vanson Leathers, 951 Broadway Street, is filling their back parking lot full of fun stuff this weekend but what is most exciting is that for the first time, they are bringing in The Wall of Death ridden by Rhett Rotten.

The Wall of Death is also known as a motordome or a silodrome and is a carnival sideshow feature that uses centrifugal force and friction to keep the drivers vertical. In fact, this particular Wall of Death in Fall River is from 1938 (of course, with some parts being replaced as needed).

Sounds scary, right?  It is, just look at Rhett's Instagram video below.

Even though Vanson's event is free and family friendly, the watching the Wall of Death is gonna cost ya!  Advance ticket sales are $15 but can get you access to the Wall of Death catwalk.  Tickets are limited (because its a catwalk, duh) so make sure you grab yours at the link below.

Open House Tickets

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