TSM/Loren Petisce

So, I was scrolling through goodhouskeeping.com today and i notice this fabulous post of the list of things that every cat lady needs.

Let me tell you, I am in love with this list. When I saw it, I got so excited I had to take a moment to compose myself. Everyone knows how much I love cats, but you might not realize how much I love working them into my life, every way I can. With this list I've found some new things to incorporate, which is PURRfect!

So there were five things on this list that I just loved so much.

  1. Cat Dress- I've got one. I NEED more!
  2. Cat Wall Decals- My office is already decked out with little buddies all over the place!
  3. Cat Shoes-There's no better way I could think of to keep my feet warm!
  4. Cat Rings-Yes, please!
  5. Cat Finger Decals-This one excited me the most!

If I can combine 4 and 5 then my fingers will look so fierce!

Check out the whole list at Goodhousekeeping.com.