I've been enjoying Lindsey's Restaurant in Wareham for years. We are big fans of the food and the staff, but as many times as we've been to Lindsey's, I was shocked to hear that they have a huge basement downstairs where the cooking begins before dawn on most days.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about one of Wareham's best restaurants, but apparently, I didn't. I was stunned to find out today that Lindsey's has a huge basement where a good majority of the cooking takes place. I had always thought that the only kitchen was off of the original "diner" portion of the restaurant, but that doesn't even begin to cover how much cooking goes on at this restaurant.

We took a walk downstairs and kept the video recording so that you could take a peek for yourself.

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A big thanks to Cheri Lindsey and Executive Chef Dave Verroneau for letting us invade their backstage area. We found it interesting to see where all the magic happens.


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