Is there anyone on the SouthCoast who's more excited for tonight's Stanley Cup Final Game 7 than Acushnet's Laroque family?  We have the story behind their Bruins rock.

When Ryley and Michelle Larocque moved to Main Street, Acushnet back in 2011, they knew that one thing they absolutely wanted to do is to bring their love of the Bruins into their home.  Michelle decorated her sons' bedrooms with floor to ceiling Bruins decor, but it didn't stop there.

Bruins Room

As the Bruins were marching towards their 2011 Stanley Cup championship, Michelle decided to hand paint the Bruins logo on a rock in front of her house.  Michelle tells us that it took her 4 hours to paint the rock in front of her house, and then 2 hours to paint another smaller rock with the logo in her backyard.

"I do have to admit the circle part was stenciled just so I could get the perfect circle, but the spokes and the "B" is pretty standard, so it's not that tough," says Michelle.  "It was good to sit out there on a summer's day and just zone out and do that."
"A couple of family members have asked me to paint a Giants symbol or a Canadiens symbol," says Michelle, "but there's no way that I'd do that.  I could never do that."

Bruins Family


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