When he decides that going to the Stanley Cup Finals is more important than spending his 16th wedding Anniversary with his amazing wife.

My girlfriend (who will remain nameless for privacy) texted me this morning and said, "You are not going to believe this."  That's typically how we start all of our conversations anyways so it didn't phase me.  When I called her and asked, "What's up?", there was silence, no words but then quiet crying.  She told me that "John" (not his real name for protection) got a call from a college buddy late last night saying he had an extra ticket to the Bruins Stanley Cup game in Boston for Thursday night and would he be able to go.  My first reaction was being excited for "John".  I mean, how often does something like this happen?  Never, right?!  Well, my friend was not happy about it.  She took tomorrow (Friday) off from work because they had initially planned a long weekend together on the Cape to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary.

Long story short, he is going to the game tonight and they will not be going down the Cape for their Anniversary.  She said that she was more hurt that he didn't really even run it by her but just kind of told her, hey I'm going to the game, I hope you're cool with it.  She is not cool with it.  Oh boy.

Our (me and Roger) first child, Joshua was born 4 weeks before the Patriots 2004 Super Bowl.  Very last minute, Roger had a chance to fly to Houston for that Super Bowl and was so sick about the decision to leave and go to the game right after Josh being born, it was actual very funny.  I was like, "are you kidding me? You can't pass this up, you're going."  And that was that.  We are huge Pats fans and I would never have wanted him to miss out on that opportunity.  I reminded my friend of this hoping it would help ease her mind a little.  It may have helped slightly, but she is definitely upset.

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