What would you do if a former pro-wrestler and big time movie star came up to you and told you he hit your car? Wakefield man, Audie Bridges, was shocked to find out the driver responsible for damaging his truck's side-view mirror was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself!

While driving to a movie set in Massachusetts back in May, Johnson sideswiped Bridges' parked pickup truck. (His Fast & Furious character seems to be a bit more skilled behind the wheel). Johnson was very apologetic, assuring Bridges that the studio will take care of the truck. But Bridges told the actor that he was not to worry, and he'd fix the mirror himself.

"The car wasn't that damaged that much," Bridges said. "The mirror was dangling from the frame and I just duct-taped it up very quickly because I had to get off to a recording session."

And because Johnson is a true gentleman, he checked back with Bridges a few days later, and then posted this photo on his Instagram account. It is no shock that it has since gone viral, especially gaining popularity with the people of Massachusetts!

He ain't even mad! Look at him proudly displaying that broken mirror just dangling off the side like a trophy. Making lemonade out of lemons, and "The Rock" sure knows how to pour!

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