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If you are a parent or grandparent, you have already been asking your kids what they want for Christmas. Planning ahead can be tough when you have lots of older kids and grandkids who tell you they don't want anything or just say they want gift cards and money.

My go-to has always been tapping on Oprah's favorite things for ideas. As you know, Amazon has truly changed the game when it comes to taking care of the wish list. They even have a tab where you can see what's popular right now.

So before you go shopping online, I have to tell you about something that I hadn't heard about until this week. I do consider myself to be on top of the latest technology. Yes, I have the latest iPhone. When I screamed through the Fun 107 office, asking everyone if they knew what the hot gifts of the season were going to be, the last person I expected to chime in with something was my boss.

He shouted, "What about the Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset?"

My head tilted. What the hell was he talking about? I immediately went to Amazon and looked this thing up. He was right, it's definitely pretty awesome and everyone I know knew about it but me. Apparently, these things were super expensive last holiday season and now they are available at a reasonable price.

Since I'm in promotions, now I'm tasked with getting out hands on some to give away to you guys before the holiday gets here.

In case you were trying to get your hands on one of these ASAP, it is currently in stock on Amazon.

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