The Miss New Bedford Scholarship Pageant was held over this past weekend and lots of scholarships were handed out!

Olivia Marques is your new Miss New Bedford 2017! She competed against 9 other amazingly talented women! Well over $5,000 in scholarships were given out to the contestants Saturday evening at Greater New Bedford Voke Tech during the Miss New Bedford Pageant.

Olivia received $3,500 in scholarship money along with many sponsorships to help her through her year of service and her journey to Miss Massachusetts, in summer 2017.

TSM/Sara Achorn

Alexandra Pimentel placed 4th runner up, Caitlyn Baker 3rd runner up, Kenzie Moniz 2nd runner up and Kimberly Lim Souza as 1st runner up.

Miss New Bedford Scholarship Program/Facebook (L to R) Alexander Pimentel (4th RU), Kenzie Moniz (2nd RU), Olivia Marques (Miss NB), Kimberly Lim Souza (1st RU), Caitlyn Baker (3rd RU).

Contestant #1 Sara Achorn, took home the Talent Award, Non-Finalist Talent Award, the Miracle Maker Award, and an additional $100 which every contestant received for a total of $350 in scholarships!

Contestant #3 Beatriz Ribeiro walked away with a $100 swimsuit scholarship and the $50 committee award

Contestant #3 Kimberly Lim Souza took home the Interview Award as well as 1st runner up. For a total of $1,700 in scholarships!

TSM/Sara Achorn

Additional Reporting by Sara Achorn