Have you ever wished your favorite restaurant delivered? Well with GotChew, now they do!

The staff around this building is pretty excited about the new food delivery service coming to New Bedford.

Ryan Caton, the man behind GotChew is in the process of setting up partnerships with local businesses so they can become fully operational. However, their website looks to be just about ready to launch and seems super easy to use.

Here's the concept: They go to your favorite place to eat that doesn't already offer delivery (like No Problemo or dNB Burgers), they pick up the food so you don't have to, and bring it your home or office.

It's like when you try to bribe a friend to get your food, only they are happy to do it!

And it's great for the local restaurants too. I mean if where you want to eat doesn't deliver, you'd usually just pick another place. Now you don't have to!

Think of the all the deliciousness this opens up! I know our office is.

And in case you missed it, Ryan spoke with the Rock and Fox Show about his new business, the restaurants he hopes to include and how you can get local favorites delivered to your door!