If you're out to brunch, traditionally you would get a bloody Mary, or a mimosa. If you'r eout for brunch in Wisconsin, you get a bloody Mary, and the entire restaurant to go along with it. 

As they say on 'That 70s Show', Hello Wisconsin! Head to O'Davey's Irish Pub in Wisconsin and behold, the craziest looking most loaded bloody Mary on the entire planet! Dreamnet up by the bar's owner and one of his bartenders, this bloody Mary certainly packs a punch.


By taking a look at the picture, it looks like this drink contains your traditional bloody Mary, bacon, a burger(?), sausage, nachos, a pretzel, cheese, a pickle, and so much else. No we're hungry AND thirsty.

So how much would this cost you? According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , only $5. It is only served on the first Sunday of every month, and while supplies last, so drink up!

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