Some people hate traveling on Thanksgiving or having to spend the day with people they'd rather not.

Our Morning Mindbender question this morning on the Rock and Fox Show was:

"In a recent poll, Americans say that this is their least favorite thing about Thanksgiving."


My first thought was, well, what would someone not like about Thanksgiving? I mean, it's all about spending time with people you care about, eating delicious food and reminding yourself of what you are thankful for. How bad can this day be for people where, once polled, they would have something to complain about?

We got lots of guesses from listeners calling in to give their thoughts. Everything from not liking to travel on the holiday, hating stuffing, not liking having to spend time with in-laws and a bunch of other guesses related to a typical Thanksgiving day.

When I read the answer, I was shocked. Cranberry sauce? Really? Who doesn't like cranberry sauce? Especially the Ocean Spray jellied version in the can. But in a recent poll of Americans countrywide including folks here on the SouthCoast, cranberry sauce was the least favorite thing about Thanksgiving. Most people polled said they only eat it out of guilt and that it is part of the Thanksgiving Day meal tradition.

I'm definitely not one of these people polled because I love the stuff. How about you?

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