LiveNation recently held a conference call to discuss its first-quarter earnings and start planning for the future of concerts in a post-pandemic world.

So what do promoters like LiveNation have up their sleeves to be able to move forward sooner than later?

One thing to keep in mind as we talk about this is that LiveNation is all over the world. Certain parts of the world are at different phases of the pandemic and therefore will require different precautions.

One idea they are toying with is crowdless broadcast shows, much like what we may have been seeing already with artists streaming their performances. I'm not sure they could charge too much for these shows, though, as for many the true experience is being able to throw a rock at your favorite artists – not literally, but you get what I'm saying.

Some other ideas include drive-in concerts and reduced-capacity music festivals. They want to start implementing some of these ideas as early as this summer, with hopes to get back to some kind of normal concert experience by next summer. While many may think that's being optimistic, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get a vaccine and can get back to normal.

LiveNation CEO Michael Rapino had this to say to wrap up their conference call: "We’re seeing lots of artists chomping to get back out once it’s safe.”

I"m so ready to scream my lungs out at Gillette. What about you?

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