Two women will graduate from Army Ranger School for the first time in history this year.

Their names are Capt. Kristen Griest and Lt. Shaye Haver, and they were able to speak about their experiences at a press conference before their graduation day.

Fort Benning, Georgia is where the ceremony will take place and the graduation signifies not only a major moment in these women's lives, but in history and for the future of the Army Ranger program.

The two women both found their experiences to be positive ones and felt nothing but camaraderie and team support from their fellow male counterparts.

The men who both Griest and Haver are graduating with also had nothing but positive things to say about them and held them with utmost respect claiming there was not male verses female tensions, but rather camaraderie that comes with teammates working together for the common goal.

Congrats to the two for their achievements and amazing contributions to history.

With additional reporting by Madelyn Pellegrino