The first ever Women's Chocolate Affair was absolutely fantastic! Never before have we been around so much chocolate, and so many different kinds - including a dessert hot dog cooked in chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Fun in a Bun is a Hot Dog Cart catering business that is brand new to the New Bedford Area. Michael Poe (above) is one of the guys who runs it, and when we told him about the chocolate affair he decided to try out hot dogs, for dessert!

The product that he came up with is one of the most unique concoctions we have ever tasted. So I had the opportunity to talk with Mike about what went into this product. He told me it took several tries to get the dessert hot dog right, but they finally were able to get the right flavors together.


It looked delicious, and it was. So what exactly goes into a dessert hot dog? First off, it's not in a bun, but in a cannoli pastry shell. After that they cooked up some cocktail franks, cut them up and mixed them in with dark chocolate. Staying with the cannoli theme they added some mascarpone cheese, and topped it off with some peanut butter and chocolate chips. It sounds odd, but it was great!

Just when you thought you've done everything you could with hot dogs, genius strikes again! Well done Fun in a Bun!

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