Have you ever looked at someone with pure disdain because they seem to have flawless skin with not an ounce of make-up on. I definitely have.

I wasn't someone who had a lot of acne as a teenager. In fact, I really didn't start to notice breakouts until I was 18. When I went away to college, I adopted running as  a way to stay fit and to relieve stress.

Here were some observations I made:

Exercising not only helped me lose weight, but it also cleared my skin up.

When I left New Bedford, I had also left behind pop secs every day. Observation number two, was that certain foods affected my skin

I didn't have a whole lot of knowledge as far as nutrition and how spikes in insulin from sugar intake could effect and cause blemishes. I know this now.  Observation three, eliminating soda and replacing it with water also had positive effects.


Here's a list of some foods that will give you a radiant glow:

1) Salmon: Fish and seafood rich in Omega 3's are great for your skin

2) Nuts, Almonds (I eat these all the time)

3) Leafy Greens, Spinach

4) Sweet potato

5) WATER! Hydration is the most important piece. Hydration starts from the inside. So grab a Brita filter and travel water bottle. Take it with you everywhere.

Finally, avoid foods that are carb heavy and super-sugary.  The spikes in insulin can cause hormonal break outs.  No matter how clean you keep your face.