We're all now well aware of the fact that Adele's new single, Hello, is one for the emotional books. But aside from thinking we need tissues STAT, Kristen and Abby had these initial thoughts and questions:

0:27 - What's this haircut you have going on, Adele? Is it a LOB? Is it just perfectly layered? Regardless, we're lovin' it.

0:39 - Are you really still using your flip phone? Maybe your reception is shoddy and your calls aren't going through because you haven't upgraded to the new iPhone.

0:47 - It's been almost a minute and there's no music yet. We get your setting the scene but. WHERE'S THE MUSIC?

0:56 - We need to know how you're not sneezing with all this dust and old furniture. I mean seriously. Our eyes are getting red just watching this. We can't even turn on the vents in our cars without a sneeze-attack.

1:18 - Oh my heavens, did angels do your eye makeup and your brows? Because everything happening on your face is just incredible.

Adele in Hello
Adele / AdeleVEVO - YouTube

1:35 - Side note: Cute teacup! Are we in England? In the U.S.? We don't know, or really care, we just love the teacup.

2:15 - Somehow, this house still has a landline and the gas on the stove is still working. And people are using address books. Is this the 90's?

2:25 - What is your hair color exactly, like legit color code so we can go to our stylists? Because we're really questioning going dark for Fall after seeing that glorious mane. P.S. Tristan Wilds has the best smile ever.

Wilds / AdeleVEVO - YouTube
Wilds / AdeleVEVO - YouTube


3:28 - Exactly how far back in time are we going with this phone booth in the woods? Super artsy.

4:30 - We were wishing we had subtitles when Mr. Gorgeous Teeth was talking before but. We didn't need it for this rain scene. We know. We get it now.

4:42 - Our faces currently hurt from how stunning Adele is sitting on that staircase. We literally can't so hard that we just can. We can for Adele.

4:50 - WHO CRIES THAT PRETTY? I mean, come on. We don't look like that when we cry.

5:09 - Queen Adele has officially won the hashtag war for the best #Fall photo. That is all.

5:50 - We have so many feels right now that we aren't sure if Gorgeous Teeth is outside in present day, or if this is a flashback, or if he's calling her and she won't pick up, we just don't know. We have so many emotions. We are so confused. We love everything about this song.

So much so that we're re-watching the video right now. Because this is what we get to do at our jobs every day.





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