The heavy rainstorms that bowled through Foxboro last night were a distant memory by the time Taylor Swift brought lightning and thunder to the biggest stage Gillette Stadium has ever seen.

In fact, Taylor Swift's stage for the Reputation tour is the biggest stage in any stadium tour ever. Ever. It is equivalent to 10 arena stages with a 13-story video wall. The set is larger than life for good reason. It's because the 28-year-old it was built for is also larger than life. Taylor Swift doesn't do anything small--or even average.

As soon as she opened the show with "Ready For It", the crowd knew this wasn't going to be a normal show, even at Taylor Swift standards. The smoke, the fireworks, even straight fire pouring from the top of the castle-like stage. For as many shows as I've gone to, I have never seen a video wall or video production for a concert reach this level. At times, it was hard to believe that it was a live video stream...but it was!



Swift effortlessly weaved through the different eras of her career over the course of the night. It was fascinating to watch the "new" Taylor attitude and sassiness melt away at the end of one of her Reputation songs, and transform into the "real" Taylor smiling and gushing at the crowd's adoring reaction.

In true Taylor fashion, she made sure to acknowledge everyone at the show, making Gillette Stadium feel more like a show at Greasy Luck than at a 70,000-seat venue.  She strategically planted mini-stages in the far corners of the field and performed several songs on each.

What was most striking is the diversity that this artist has achieved. One moment the show would feel like a dark, sultry big city nightclub, and 15 minutes later the same concert felt like one big, huge pajama party.

Taylor Swift is no longer a country artist.  She's no longer a pop artist. She is an entertainer. I believe even people who aren't necessarily Taylor Swift fans would enjoy the Reputation Tour. You will be entertained.

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