Bertucci's miracle baby is born.

The Bertucci's waitress who was saved by Greater New Bedford Voc Tech instructor George Heath and off-duty Plymouth County Corrections Officer James Creed has given birth to a little baby girl.

Sheenah Savoy, 26, was stabbed during the Silver City Galleria rampage back in May.  She was saved after George and Rosemary Heath stepped in to stop the attack.  When the attacker turned his knife onto George Heath, James Creed demanded him to drop his knife.  When his demands were ignored, Creed shot and killed the murderer.

Incredibly, Sheenah Savoy and her unborn baby, survived the attack.  That baby was born yesterday.  Her name is Jade Elise, and she would not be alive today if it weren't for the Heaths and Mr. Creed.