Simon Cowell dubbed Tape Face a "Modern Day Charlie Chaplin" for good reason.

My brother celebrated his 11th birthday in September. For his birthday present, my boyfriend and I gave him tickets to see his favorite performer from America's Got Talent at the Zeiterion on Tuesday, October 10th.

Tape Face is a comedian who uses "mime with noise" to make children, parents, and even grandparents giggle and roar with laughter. It was great to see so may generations joined in the kind of silliness and out of the box imagination that can be appreciated at any age!

Tape Face at the Zeiterion - Kasey Silvia / TSM
Tape Face at the Zeiterion - Kasey Silvia / TSM

One thing I loved most about Tape Face was his ability to combine his imagination and music in the funniest form of entertainment I've seen in a while. I'd love to explain it to you, but that would ruin the magic of Tape Face. One of the biggest reasons he works is that you literally don't know what to expect and each time he brings some unsuspecting soul on stage to join in his silliness, you are on the edge of the seat waiting to see what happens next.

Thank you Tape Face. We loved your imagination and creativity! I foresee many contraptions being built in my house for the next few months. Nicholas has been inspired by you and this has been the best birthday gift yet!

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