Educational kits are being sent to students at one Cape Cod children's facility. Are your kids receiving materials from their school with the necessities they need to learn from home?

While I may not have any kids going back to school, I do have several friends that are teachers that have been busy putting together kits for their students. While some teachers have the means to do this, most don't.

Many students will be doing at least some learning from home, and some of them will be missing common learning utensils. The question is, who is going to make sure all the students have the tools they need to be able to learn from wherever they are? Many teachers also use creative ways to teach their students and require some less common learning supplies.

Cape Cod Children's Place is making kits available to all registered kindergarten students free of charge. Kits get picked up at the school during specified pickup times. While many are still trying to figure out what school is going to look like in the coming weeks, making sure students have exactly what they need no matter where they are learning should be priority number one.

Do you know if any students on the SouthCoast are getting learning kits for heading back to school?

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