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72,000 Ladybugs Released At Maryland High School As A Prank
Even though it is a tradition, some high school senior pranks can lead to trouble if taken to the extreme. In Morganza, Maryland, seven high school students have been charged with burglary after breaking and entering into their high school and releasing 72,000 ladybugs in the school as part of their senior prank.
NBHS Seniors Charged
After reviewing surveillance video and talking to students and staff, New Bedford Police say they have caught the three high school seniors who broke in and vandalized New Bedford High School last week.  Two of the suspects are 18-years-old according to the Standard Times...
NB High Vandalized [AUDIO]
Several FUN listeners called the FUN Morning Show Friday morning about a possible senior prank at New Bedford High School which involved vandalism overnight and all students, faculty, and staff were not allowed in the building.
High School Seniors Prank- Release 10,000 Crickets Into The High School
Here is another story that has national attention right now. The classic senior prank, it's been happening at high schools all over the country since the 1940's! Always in good fun, but one small high school in Kentucky isn't laughing. As a matter fact, they are quite upset, so much so, the kids who pulled it off, will not graduate with their class...