Westport Scholarship Run
Westport - MA
The Westport Fair 5K and Kid’s Fun Run, organized by Jim Potter took place today.
The little things always go a long way, any money and all money is useful for those mountains of debt colleges seem to be gaining on us...
George Heath Superhero Scholarship Fundraiser
From Rosemary Heath:
"George loved teaching!  It was definitely the time of his life when he enjoyed every minute.
George and I stood side-by-side when a madman came into Bertucci's in Taunton MA on May 10th. The madman was stabbing a young pregnant waitress and we intervened to sav…
Friday Night Lights: Wareham @ Old Rochester Regional [PHOTOS]
Last night Friday Night Lights kicked off at Old Rochester Regional High School as the Bulldogs took on the Wareham Vikings!
The Bulldogs managed to win their home opener last night and beat the Vikings 28-21.
Fun 107 was there for the action and the amazing Kelsey Garcia captured tons of photos throu…

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