Pharrell Breaks Down On The Oprah Show
Pharrell Williams is enjoying HUGE success with his hit "Happy"!
The song is popular worldwide, and has inspired many around the world to make videos of inspiration thanks to the songs happy lyrics.
Pharrell was on the Oprah show, and she played him a clip of that inspiration and his…
Preview Lindsay Lohan’s Documentary Series [VIDEO]
Lindsay Lohan has been everyone's number 1 train wreck to watch for a good amount of time now it seems only fitting for her to be involved in a documentary series about her life which will air on March 9th on Oprah's very own OWN channel. Take a look at the preview here!
Twitter Reacts as Lance Armstrong Confesses at the Altar of Oprah
It didn't take long after Lance Armstrong told Oprah those words everyone had been waiting years to hear -- yes, he doped during his illustrious cycling career -- before Twitter lit up with reactions.
When we weren't taking shots or playing bingo, we complied some of the better tweets we sa…