In the bustling town of Swansea, there’s a Walmart SuperCenter with an employee like you’ve never seen before.

His name is Tim Bettencourt and his energy and positivity are highly contagious. He’s the first person you meet and the last person you’ll say goodbye to. Born and raised in Bristol, RhodeIsland, the 35-year-old Bettencourt recently moved to the SouthCoast to begin working at Walmart.

Throughout the busy hustle of the day, we tend to forget the simple things in life. For instance, when’s the last time you stopped and said hello to a stranger or gave someone a compliment? When it comes to making someone feel good about themselves and where they’re shopping, Tim is the go-to guy.

There’s something so rare about Tim’s work ethic and attitude that truly gives a renewed hope for humanity.

Although times have been difficult with the pandemic affecting the jobs of hard-working individuals, Bettencourt was able to overcome and found himself working the front of a Walmart as a Customer Host, and his smile just shows how fortunate he is to have such an impactful job.

It’s not every day you get complimented on what’s on your t-shirt or perhaps the new haircut you just got, but Bettencourt makes sure that nothing goes unnoticed when it comes to making someone feel welcomed before they begin shopping.

In Bettencourt's spare time, he enjoys biking around Colt State Park and keeping up to date with cars and trucks, especially GMCs. Again, it's the simple things in life that he enjoys the most when he's not putting a smile on the faces of Walmart customers.

So if you’re in the area and have a few minutes to spare, stop over at the Swansea Walmart SuperCenter and see just how good one person can make you feel within seconds of meeting you.

That’s Tim Bettencourt, and alone, he sets an example for us all on just how far a little kindness can go with just a simple welcome.

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