At the start of 2022, Swansea 12-year-old, Logan Carreiro, was on a mission to save the animatronics at the Chuck E. Cheese in Dartmouth. When I spoke to Logan on January 3, he was trying his hardest to get in contact with the higher-ups after hearing that Chuck E. Cheese was going to modernize the establishment and get rid of the beloved animatronics that Logan considers a staple to everyone’s childhood.

I’m happy to report that the CEO of Chuck E. Cheese officially reached out to Logan, and after a productive Zoom meeting, it appears Logan is making some headway.

I managed to get Logan on the phone before he got to school for the day, and he filled us in on the conversation between him and Chuck E. Cheese President David McKillips.

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McKillips reached out to Logan after seeing the story on and listened to Logan’s plea to save the beloved characters at the family venue.

“He said the animatronics will always be a staple of the company,” Logan said. However, he’s not quite sure if he saved the animatronics from total extinction.

“They are going to try and keep them for as long as they can, but their goal for the future is to eventually move in with a dance floor,” he explained.

He added that corporate will try to keep them in the location that Carreiro goes to for as long as possible, proving that his efforts were not wasted.

However, he made one crucial mistake by not asking for a lifetime’s supply of tokens and pizza.

Logan Carreiro is a politician in the making as he fights the battles for his fellow 12-year-olds that have grown up with the familiar mouse, fun games, and yummy pizza.

Stay tuned for what Logan accomplishes next.

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