We like to stay on top of the issues that the SouthCoast is talking about, so when we bumped into this guy on Facebook ranting about the green "pay per throw" bags in Swansea, we took notice.

He was very upset about the quality of the Swansea green bags.

"So cheaply made, man, I can't believe this. You pay like 14 bucks for five bags and they rip on you," says the man from Swansea. To be fair, the drawstrings are quite flimsy and definitely cause some ripping when you try to use them."

He reminded us of SOMEONE, but we couldn't put our finger on it. I thought maybe it was Joe Pesci from Goodfellas. It was close, but not exactly who we were thinking of.

Then, Gazelle dropped the bomb. Take a listen to this audio above and tell us it doesn't remind you of those two guys named Jay Bergen and Mikey Foster from Malden, Massachusetts. The two amateur fishermen became overnight internet stars when they went viral as they caught what they thought to be a baby whale or a sea turtle. Turns out, it was a giant sunfish.

Gazelle dug up the audio from the "baby whale" guys and had us roaring this morning with the comparison.

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