I have literally lived near Dairy Maid Ice Cream in New Bedford my entire life. It has been a beloved ice cream spot for my family for so long, and I always get the same thing:

"A Chocolate-Vanilla Twist with Chocolate Jimmies, please."

It's my favorite soft-serve and a classic. In my 26 years, I have NEVER known about the Devil Dog Sundae. Tim Weisberg recently told me about his go-to treat, and I was tempted to move away from my usual order and try it.

Tim Weisberg/Townsquare Media

It was an experience. The simplicity of this thing is what makes it so good. The devil dog soaks up the ice cream, making it even better when mixed with hot fudge. Yum!

Lucky for me, they also happened to roll out their new special sundae flavors the day we went. So we tried a few of those, too.

Dairy Maid Ice Cream

The S’mores Sundae tastes just like your favorite campfire treat. Your choice of soft vanilla or Campfire S’mores ice cream layered with crushed graham crackers, fudge, marshmallow and then topped with a Hershey’s chocolate.

Dairy Maid Ice Cream - Smores

The Cotton Candy Sundae is a true masterpiece and you almost don't want to eat it because it's so pretty. Cotton Candy ice cream, marshmallow sauce, topped with fresh cotton candy and garnished with sticks of rock candy.

Dairy Maid Ice Cream - Cotton Candy

The Peanut Butter Lovers Sundae is wicked creamy and indulgent. Your choice of Caramel Peanut Butter Cookie Dough or Chocolate Peanut butter cup ice cream layered with peanut butter sauce, hot fudge, and Reese’s Pieces, topped with whipped cream and a Reese’s cup.

Dairy Maid Ice Cream - Peanut Butter

And can we talk about these dips made for their soft-serve ice cream? Toasted coconut, blue raspberry, chocolate, cherry and peanut butter. Yum!

Dairy Maid Ice Cream - Dips

And now they partner with GotChew, allowing you to have Dairy Maid Ice Cream delivered to you within a five-mile radius. How sweet is that?!

Dairy Maid is located at 1517 Cove Rd in New Bedford. Cash sales only.