Whether you want to fish, cruise around Padanaram Harbor, or park on a sandbar, you can do with ten of your friends on a yacht! 

Make summer 2018 the summer of your dreams - and the coolest one you've had thus far. You can rent a yacht from Cape Yachts and Nauti Janes Boat Rental.

Depending on the boat you want (there are two you can choose from), prices start at $425 for a two-hour rental. If you have ten buddies, that means everyone only pays about $40 to hang out on a yacht for a few hours. Not a bad way to catch a sunset! Or cruise out to Cuttyhunk for the day.

The longer rentals (4 or 8 hours) are around $700 and $1,200 respectively. Still not too shabby if you split it amongst your group!

There are some rules and restrictions: You must be 25-years-old with a valid I.D. to rent a boat, at least one working cell phone has to be on board, you can rent without a boater's license but you do need some sort of boating experience to drive the boat, fuel is an additional charge for power boats, and all boats must be returned at the scheduled time.

If you don't have anyone in your group who's equipped to drive (or maybe just doesn't want that liability), you can rent a captain to drive you around.

Nauti Jane's also does paddleboard and kayak rentals if something non-motorized is more your speed.

Happy bucket-listing!

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