For months we've known that Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey would host their highly anticipated wedding in the Ocean State.

Last October Culpo herself revealed that her big day would be in her home state and she even shared from photos on Instagram from the location.

It didn't take Rhode Islanders very long to figure out exactly where the venue was, but the actual date of this wedding has since remained a mystery.

Until now.

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Once again using Culpo's own Instagram account as evidence, we're pretty sure we've narrowed down the date to this weekend, June 29, 2024.

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Clues To The Culpo/McCaffrey Wedding Date

1. The most recent tip off was a post in Culpo's Instagram story.

She shared photos of an incident in Beverly Hills where her car got towed because she read the wrong street sign, adding "Who tows a girls car on her wedding week!!!!"

Obviously this is her wedding week, since the story was up on June 23.

2. Last month her IG gave things away too.

Culpo posted video from her bridal shower in May, saying "one month until I Do." In that video you see a clip of the cake, with a mirror in the background labeled '35 Days Until I Do."

With the shower on May 26, 35 days mean her wedding date is this Saturday, June 29.

3. The venue is blocked out for this coming weekend.

From her posts back in October, 2023, Rhode Islanders quickly became aware that Culpo and McCaffrey were going to be tying the knot at the Ocean House in Westerly, RI.

If you go to the Ocean House's website and try to book a room for the weekend of June 28-29, it's impossible.

June 28-29th have X's over the dates, meaning the venue is completely booked solid. Something that would very likely happen with a high profile wedding on site.

Putting all those clues together, it's not much of a mystery that the model and running back are tying the knot in Westerly this weekend.

Now we just wait and see what famous faces show up for the big day.

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