Disney is bringing back all their classic movies in live action and it seems like everyone's a critic.

As we all know, Disney has produced some of our favorite movies, cartoons and stories of all time. Disney essentially has molded our childhood. Personally, I grew up obsessed with Aladdin and The Lion King. As you can imagine, I'm thrilled to see the live action remakes on the way for both of those movies.

Now let's talk "live action." First of all, people, The Lion King can't actually be a real live-action film, because well, lions don't talk. What they're doing is giving you a more realistic version of the movie. They're giving you animals that look like real lions, not cartoon ones.

Naturally, in doing that, we're not going to get an orange lion with a black mane. If they're giving you the look of a real lion, they can't give Scar a weave. He's a weak miserable old lion who needed to devise an evil plan to work his way to the top. That's why the live-action Scar looks like a raggedy, old, weak lion.

Everyone's so mad he doesn't look exactly like the Scar in the original cartoon, but like, it was a cartoon, guys. Get over it.

The same can be said for everyone that is so upset over Will Smith's genie in Aladdin. First of all, yes, the genie is blue, but if this is "live action," I don't think a giant blue man can just roam around unnoticed in the real world. Also, we need to accept that there will never be another Robin Williams. Will Smith's genie can't recreate that and rightfully shouldn't. His genie can be completely different and still wildly entertaining. I expect that this new genie will be just fine.

I think the most annoying thing for me in all of this is that once everyone sees these movies, they're going to be perfectly fine with them. Everyone's going to praise the movies, love the movies and celebrate these films. GET OVER IT.

It's Disney. Trust them.

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