You can spend a night in the beautifully renovated Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport...but there might be an extra guest or two from the beyond. 

The Rose Island Lighthouse in Newport has been in operation since 1868 when shipping traffic in Narragansett Bay was booming. The lighthose went on to be a beacon in the shipping channel for over a hundred years and home to keeper's and their families.

Today, the lighthouse has been fully restored and open to daily visitors, tours, and overnight stays. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the ligthhouse structure and keeper's quarters, the island is a nature perserve for various species of birds and wildlife.

Because it's October and we love all things spooky, we couldn't help but start to dig in to the haunted history of Rose Island. According to local legends, the lighthouse may be haunted by former lighthouse keeper Charles Crutis and from people who suffered from cholera and were banished to the island when it laid vacant for some years in the late 1800's. Ghost Hunters even did an episode and overnight stay here back in 2010.

A lot of people claim to have experience paranormal activity at the lighthouse and some even captured it on video:

If the the haunted history intrigues you, you can book a room for an overnight stay and attend their Ghost Tales on October 28 which includes ghostly stories and a boat trip on the Rum Runner II.

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