Weathermen are changing their predictions yet again and the Southcoast looks like it's going to be hit fairly hard.

The latest numbers show the snow hitting Rhode Island and Massachusetts overnight on Sunday and well in Monday, making the morning commute quite messy.

snowfall numbers
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From the look of the map New Bedford could get hit with nearly a foot of snow by the time its all said and done on Monday.

Parking bans are already in effect for Swansea and Somerset, but no school closing for the Southcoast yet. You can keep up-to-date on our cancellation page for any closing in our area.

Right now the worst of the storm will be in the overnight hours of Sunday with Rhode Island and the Southcoast being hit the hardest by this dose of winter weather.

We could see anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow by the time its over, so make sure you've still got your gloves, shovels and rock salt ready!

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