What does the Southcoast have in common with Southern California? We both got some major protection, the big guns of the U.S Navy Battleships!


The U.S.S Iowa is the newest addition to historic ships around our country based and is based in Los Angeles, California, unlike the U.S.S Massachusetts, on proud display since August 1965 and The Centerpiece of Battleship Cove located on scenic Mt. Hope Bay, and harbors the largest collection of preserved US Navy ships in the world. You may have played the game, maybe you spent a night there as a kid, but we are very lucky to have our state battleship from World War II in Fall River.

Spring/Summer is just about here, and this is a perfect time to plan a trip to these massive historic monuments, to learn about our history and the brave people who sailed on them into battle to save our nation. Here are the links to help you out! U.S.S Massachusetts BB-59 and U.S.S Iowa BB-61

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