Mozambique: it's been called the staple sauce of the SouthCoast, smothering chicken and shrimp on just about every Portuguese restaurant menu in the area.

Personally, I'm a basic bro when it comes to Mozambique, always requesting chicken over shrimp, but today I was in the mood for some shrimp.

Last month, I reached out to the SouthCoast audience and asked them to help me find the best Mozambique sauce around, and you all did not disappoint. It was the poll that rang out from Swansea to Wareham and everywhere in between. Thousands of votes were cast and the top three restaurants were as follows:

  • 3rd Place: Portas de Cidade in Westport
  • 2nd Place: David's Restaurant in New Bedford

And the winner of the 2021 Spatula for the best Mozambique sauce on the SouthCoast, with over 2,000 votes is a restaurant that is new to the area, but the owners are well known:

Nuno's Restaurant in New Bedford.

Nuno Chitas and his wife have been a part of the SouthCoast community for years. Their legacy began over at Portas de Cidade on Route 6 in Westport and then they moved their business up the road to a small convenience store and kitchen called Village Market.

Just about a year ago, right before the pandemic settled in here on the SouthCoast, Nuno decided to move his business to New Bedford, where he would eventually take over the old M&C Café located at 426 Bellville Avenue.

Through trial and tribulation, the Chitas family overcame the COVID-19 pandemic and although it's been tough, they persevered through the tough times. Well, it appears that hard work has paid off and I'm proud, on behalf of the local community, to congratulate Nuno's Restaurant as the winner of the 2021 Spatula for the best Mozambique here on the SouthCoast.

This is...the Spatula.

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