You may not be in the market for a new house – or any house for that matter – but if Saturday Night Live has taught us anything recently, it's that it can certainly be fun to look around on Zillow.

But it doesn't just have to be about house hunting. My husband and I like to check out houses every now and then for ideas on what to do around our place – and one of my favorite things to get ideas about is a bathroom renovation.

I dream of a luxurious lavatory with a big shower, a soaking tub and lots of sunlight. And I love to poke around and see what houses have got bathrooms I can dream of making my own someday.

Sure, bathroom updates are notoriously annoying, but the end result can be spectacular. I have found some homes right here on the SouthCoast that have really got some seriously commendable commodes.

Of course, most of the higher-end homes are the ones with the money and space to make the dream bathrooms I'm thinking of. Yet I have learned that magical things can happen in smaller spaces, too.

So don't let the price tags fool you. There are plenty of million-dollar-plus places on the SouthCoast that are housing some terrible bathrooms. Just as there are lots of very reasonably priced houses on the market that have stepped up their game when it comes to washrooms.

So here's what I've found to rave about:

The SouthCoast's Best Bathrooms

There are some SouthCoast bathrooms that have something to brag out. Whether you're in the market for a new home or just looking for ideas to upgrade your own, check out these luxurious lavatories.

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