About this time last year, everyone's world was starting to get a lot smaller.

With social distancing, working from home, businesses closing, homeschooling plus families not getting together for holidays, last spring got strange fast. And now that we are all getting used to the "new normal," I think that normal should include adult Easter baskets.

I mean, why let the kids have all the fun?

After a year of barely going anywhere and a winter spent binge-watching on the couch, we could all use a visit from the Easter bunny and all the chocolate, new toys and other fun stuff that comes with it.

I'd even be happy to go on a full-on Easter egg hunt just to get me and the kids out of the house and having some fun.

But what does an adult Easter basket mean? Couldn't we just buy ourselves some chocolate and call it a day?

Yes and no.

I think we all deserve to treat ourselves a bit thing spring and Easter is the perfect time and excuse.

And with the holiday falling so early in April this year, creating your adult Easter basket could also be your way of gearing up for spring and summer adventure.

I know when I put together an Easter basket for my kids, it's not just about the candy. I try to get some new spring toys, outdoor activities, and even new books in the mix, too.

So what am I thinking should be in the adult Easter basket mix?

Things to Put in an Adult Easter Basket

Why let the kids have all the fun when you could be enjoying a basket all your own? If you want your own adult Easter basket, here are some things we think you may want to include.

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