Something Rotten opens in Providence next Tuesday night and Nancy Hall got to talk with actor Blake Hammond about the hilarious show.

This is the first national tour of Something Rotten, a 10-time Tony award nominated musical comedy set in the 1590s.

The play is about two brothers trying to write a hit play, but competing against the extremely popular Shakespeare.

They end up going to see reputed seer Nostradamus who tells them the next big thing in stage shows is - the musical.

You then get to watch the creating of their musical inside this musical...and the results are hilarious fun!

As Hammond attests in his interview, the tour has been such a good time that none of the principal actors have left their roles in the entire 18-month run of this national tour (Kind of unheard of for a tour like this).

But the show is that fun, not just for the actors but for the audiences as well.

The reviews across the country have been stellar and everyone who goes seems to have a good time.

And as Hammond reveals in his interview, the stop in Rhode Island at the Providence Performing Arts Center will be the last stop of this tour.

That means if you want to see this show without traveling to New York...get to PPAC next Tuesday through Sunday (May 15-19).

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