Although some New Bedford elementary schools' PARCC results showed improvement, Superintendent Pia Durkin says the district still faces challenges.

At Monday's School Committee meeting, members recognized a number of schools for showing growth in their PARCC exam results. Pulaski and Taylor Elementary moved to level 1 designations, while other schools also showed improvements.

Carney Academy (level 2), Brooks (level 3), and Rodman (level 3) schools all stayed in their same grouping, but showed significant gains in test scores.

While Pulaski had the biggest jump, going from a level 3 school to a level 1, no new schools dropped to level 4 or 5.

However, with all the good news going around, Durkin showed concern for schools like Hayden-McFadden Elementary.

For the past six years, Hayden-McFadden has placed in the first percentile of Massachusetts elementary schools. That means that 99% of elementary schools in the state have had higher achievment.

After seeing no improvements since Hayden-McFadden's first turnaround plan under Durkin, the school will undergo another turnaround plan for the 2016-2017 school year.

"We need to really revisit how we are doing the work there, how the staffing is occuring, what are the resources there to ensure that those children have a shot at becoming successful, and those teachers have the right materials and resources to be able to do the job," Durkin tells WBSM News.

The School Committee also voted on Monday for Hayden-McFadden to join the rest of the district in taking the PARCC exam. Hayden-McFadden, which is considered a level 4 school, took the MCAS this year since the elementary school was only in the third year of their turnaround plan.