If you need some good news during these uncharted times, John Krasinski is here to help.

Personally I was extremely bummed that John Krasinski's Saturday Night Live gig had to be postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic. He is hilarious and seeing him on SNL would have been a delight.

Lucky for me (and you) he is still making us all smile and giving us the good news we need right now from inside his own home.

Some Good News with John Krasinski hit YouTube today and was exactly what I needed to watch on a rainy day.

This adorable video makes you laugh, makes you cry and definitely makes you fall in love with John Krasinski (if you hadn't already fallen in love with him when he played Jim Halpert on The Office that is).

I love how he shows us the support for healthcare workers around the world and the sweet moments between loved ones right here at home all while poking fun at himself and some of his celebrity friends.

And then he gets really into his personal hosting gig by bringing Steve Carell in and an already amazing video gets even better.

If you need something to raise your spirits and feel connected as we enter week three of social distancing here on the SouthCoast, this is it.

A little something to make you smile on a rainy Monday that also gives you some perspective of how truly "in this together" we are around the world.

Well done John Krasinski. Can we get more videos like this please?

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