In a new interview, a former employee of Paula Deen alleges that the Food Network star is a little bit ignorant. 

Paula Deen, mostly known for her love and over use of butter, will now be known as someone who isn't really up on current times. Deen, a southern gal, might have a bit of explaining to do the former manager of her restaurant Savannah said that the lovable butter filled chef referred to African American's in a very derogatory manner.

So what else did Deen do that is racist? She made a whole lot of inappropriate jokes that the report states that Deen was questioned about her use of racist jokes for over three hours. Her response:

It’s just what they are — they’re jokes…most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks…I can’t determine what offends another person.

So because Deen doesn't have common sense, she just decided to offend everyone. Well done. It gets worse.

She also apparently planned her brother Bubba's wedding (of course his name is Bubba) to look like the Civil War, with a waitstaff that reminded her of slaves. She through in some very colorful language after that, and we won't mention that here. See the full expose on Paula 'Get me more Butter' Deen here.

Now watch Paula Deen get hit the face with a frozen ham. Enjoy!

[Source: Gawker]

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