I hate to admit but, I have never thought to do this. Leaving a basket of waters and snacks for the many delivery folks coming to and from my house this holiday season means everyone is merrier.

We talked about this on the morning show last week and how it is becoming a "thing". It's something so simple and thoughtful for the hard working UPS driver, the USPS driver or walker, the Fed Ex peep and of course the Amazon delivery drivers too.

It's their busiest time of year and you know that unless they are paying close attention to it, they're most likely not getting enough water (staying hydrated). And with all of the running from truck to door and back, they're burning some serious calories, so a few extra healthy snacks during the work hours would be appreciated. Plus, this shows the drivers the customers want to be thoughtful which may mean a little extra care with our packages this holiday season.

GoodHousekeeping has a fun read on a bunch of households across America doing this for their drivers.

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