Sometimes an ice cream cone is enough to brighten a bad day. The folks at Country Whip in Acushnet understand that. So when a gentleman was a little short on cash, they still served him. The next day, they posted a wonderful feel good story on their Facebook page:

"To the young man last night who was short on cash, & not only came back today to pay his bill but showed up with flowers & this note, I didn't catch your name - but thank you so much for this very kind gesture, it's nice to see there are still kind honest people in the world."

The flowers came with a note that read: "On a day that started off bad and continued to get worse, with everything that could go wrong going wrong, your simple understanding made an already unbearable day a bit more pleasant. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and great hospitality. Thanks again, Happy Easter!"

Happy Monday to all!

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