Yes, we all have at least one person in our office that we love working with but is absolutely annoying at times. Come on, admit it!

When I found out there was a day dedicated to slapping your annoying co-worker, I had to take full advantage. National Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day is next Wednesday, October 23, but I just couldn't wait that long.

Now our office is unlike most offices; our human resources person isn't constantly looking over our shoulder and if she was, boy the trouble we would all be in. I'm a walking human resources nightmare.

It's funny that as I was reading about this day, Gazelle from the Rock and Fox Show waltzed into the Fun studio while I was on the air. It got me thinking, who would I slap? Didn't take me long to figure that out.

Hours later, I found Gazelle napping in the WBSM studio down the hall and had to get some swinging practice in for the big day next week.

I won't spoil the surprise. Just watch the video:

Full disclaimer, Gazelle gave me his permission to go all in. For some reason, I didn't have it in me to go all in. It did feel good, though. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this "holiday."

Now it's confession time: do you have someone in your office that you would love to give a good whack? You don't have to say who, a simple "yes" will be fine. In no way are we advocating you to go around your office slapping your annoying co-workers, but sometimes just knowing you're not alone can help.

One word of advice: it's all in the wrist.

Happy slapping!​

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