Summer is in full swing and the heat makes plenty of people think about getting a pool. But is there a better way to cool off right in your own backyard?

Why isn't there a bigger push for backyard splash pads?

I mean splash pads are basically the new community pool, so why shouldn't we all put smaller versions in our own yards.

I see nothing but advantages over the standard pool.

As a mom with young kids that aren't great swimmers, the idea of a pool in the yard terrifies me. Not to mention that fact that I have no time to actually do all the things that goes into taking care of one. (chemicals, vacuuming, etc). And if you put in a pool, that's a big chunk of your yard that you can't use for anything else.

A personal splash pad eliminates all of that.

Design your splash pad right and you basically have a patio that also happens to shoot out water on hot summer days. But when the water is off, you have a place to eat and relax any time of year.

splash pad 1

Unfortunately, they still affect your homeowners' insurance the same as a pool, but they are a lot safer and they don't need to be treated and cleaned constantly.

So seriously, why aren't we all getting personal splash pads?

And these things look so cool:

I guess the biggest question is where do you get a splash pad of your very own? Googling it did not help me find anyone on the SouthCoast creating these.

I only found Vanilla Ice making them in Florida (so weird, BTW).

A personal splash pad is exactly what I need in my yard. Now if I could just get Vanilla Ice to my house...

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