As we all know, Robert Kraft is in quite a situation, but should we care?

As soon as the news broke, I immediately felt shocked and disgusted. Originally I had only heard that he was involved in prostitution and sex trafficking. My mind obviously went to the worst and assumed he was in charge of the whole situation. I was wrong.

Now it looks more like Kraft wasn't aware of the bigger picture here. He seemingly was just a patron who went down to this massage parlor for something more than just a massage. According to the police reports, he gave out $100 bills for the services and then went on his way.

Now, prostitution is illegal, which means it's still a crime and not something we should be just brushing aside by any means. The interesting thing here to me is that I posted a poll on my Instagram account to see what people thought of the situation. I was surprised to see that a whopping 91 percent said they didn't care and that it was no big deal.

I mean, first of all, it IS a big deal. There were women working in this massage parlor that were prisoners. They were treated horribly and personally, I'm not even comfortable discussing how awful that entire situation is for them. That is horrible in every single way. Kraft was involved in that. Indirectly, he was supporting it, whether he knew it or not. The question is, should we condemn him for that? Should we care?

I honestly don't have an answer for it. I know I care about it. While I don't believe he knew what was really happening there, I do believe he should know better than to believe these women are enjoying this life. Maybe he's naive. Maybe he wasn't thinking. I just know it's not a situation I would ever have to deal with because I think it's immensely disrespectful and demeaning behavior.

It's an interesting situation and I just hope that we can all learn a lesson from it. This is something that unfortunately happens in our world and it's not just something from a Liam Neeson film. It's a gut-wrenching reality and hopefully, we can all think twice about how we feel about it and maybe do something to change it.

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