It's been weeks since Christmas, so should all the lights be put away by now?

For the first time since we've lived in our current house, my husband and I decided to decorate the outside.

Nothing crazy, just some simple large, colored lights to give the house a bit of a gingerbread house look.

I liked having them up before the holidays, still enjoyed seeing them in the snow...but now I think their time may be up.

My husband doesn't agree.

The current debate in our house about the lights is whether or not they are 'Christmas' lights or 'winter' lights.

My husband wants them to be winter lights. He likes having them up and wants to keep them there for a while longer.

I've have had my fill of the colored lights and am completely ready to pack them away again.

Of course he is the one actually taking them down (me and ladders are not the best of friends), so they are still on the house.

But should they stay there?

Are they really 'winter' lights and it's okay to keep the decorations out a while longer? Or do we look silly with our lights still up and the Christmas stuff should come down?

Do you still have your lights on the house?

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