Ever wanted to know what it's like to be up close to a shark? This video might give you an idea.

Some lobstermen out on Cape Cod Bay yesterday had a close encounter with a pretty big white shark. And grabbed some video of the frightening moments.

Seems a dead humpback whale was in the water near where Matty Riley and Ken Roth had their boat and the shark was looking for a tasty meal.

As the white shark swan around he not only got near the whale, he got extremely close the boat.

Too close some might say. And the guys in the video had some choice words as well (NSFW)

You can tell how close the shark really got to the guys from the blue mark near the tail. That is apparently paint from the bottom of the vessel.

Insane to get that close to a white shark if you ask me. But I suppose from the safety of my boat would be the only way I'd want to get this close.

And as we near the end of summer the local waters are warmer than they have been all season. Meaning plenty more shark sightings and videos are sure to pop up in the coming weeks.

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